Advice For Cruise Travel

There are a lot of decisions to be made in the process of booking a cruise. The very first, and the likely one of the most important decisions, is choosing your cruise consultant.

First be absolutely certain that, wherever you book, they have a real, live contact person available for you, to deal with any problems or questions that come up. Some of the online booking services deal only through e-mail. If you don’t get answers to your e-mail, what do you do then? Just because it is on the Internet doesn’t make it the best price or value.

How to choose the cruise that is right for you…

With hundreds of cruises and destinations to choose from it could be overwhelming to make a choice. An experienced, knowledgeable cruise consultant can be a great asset in helping make that choice.

  • Destination: You can go just about anywhere in the world by cruise ship. From Europe to the Caribbean, to Alaska, Hawaii and Tahiti. Share with your cruise consultant your dream destination when it comes to ports of call.
  • Cruise Line: Every cruise line has its own identity and personality. Your cruise consultant can assist with choosing the right line and ship to match your needs.
  • Will I get bored? There are a lot activities aboard ship to fit every taste. A cruise passenger can choose to rock climb, ice skate, play golf, or bingo. You will even find wine tasting and casinos. Most ships also have separate children’s play areas.