The Benefits of Working with a Travel Agent

March 12th, 2013 janicee-admin


Everywhere you look these days, there seems to be a new website dedicated to getting you the lowest rate possible for your next big vacation. Now while you may think that one of these sites holds the key to your next-to-nothing getaway, the truth is that getting the lowest rate isn’t always the same as getting the best value.


According to our friends at, there are quite a few things that a professional travel agent can offer you that you won’t find on the opposite side of your computer screen. After looking them over, we have to say, we couldn’t agree more!


     1.   Knowledge – Travel Agents are constantly expanding their knowledge base and educating themselves on the ins and outs of traveling. We do this so we can make your travel experience as memorable and stress-free as possible. If there’s a better way of getting you what you want, we do what we can to find it.


     2.   Experience – Travel is more than a job description for your agent – it’s a passion. With a significant amount of travel under her own belt, your agent is undoubtedly going to be able to offer you personal insight on the best airports, the greatest spots to visit and the best tips on how to score deals. Can your computer do that for you?


     3.   Connections and Partnerships – As stated in the article, “Agents and agencies team up with resorts, airlines and cruise lines to give you access to the best deals possible. Those relationships generally trump any deal you could find online.” As we’ve already mentioned, cheap rates don’t always equal a quality vacation. You’re better off working with trusted professionals.


     4.   Personalized Service – Everyone wants something different out of their trip, regardless of if they’re headed to the same location. Your travel agent will listen to you and what you want out of your experience, ensuring that you get exactly what you were dreaming of.


     5.   Advocates – This is life and things can go wrong at a moment’s notice. If a problem arises with your flight or hotel, your travel agent will be there to advocate on your behalf – your computer won’t. It’s a huge relief to know that you will personally have someone on your side to help you out when you need it.


Think about it this way: those travel sites won’t even know your name until you give them your credit card number.  There’s no trusted, personal relationship or interaction! Travel agents are people, just like you, who recognize all that you are putting into your trip. You can relax knowing that they truly want to be there to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch!

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